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Break Into SaaS: How to Make 6 Figures Selling SaaS at Home

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EXPOSED: Rogue insider from the Fortune 500 leaks the forbidden cheat codes to breaking into the most lucrative and gatekept industry 👇

This scientific approach to breaking into SaaS has landed hundreds of people in sales roles that pay $85-115K+ with no experience in 6 months or less.

The following step-by-step guide is your unfair advantage in securing a recession-proof six-figure income stream from the comfort of your own home.


❌ Sales Experience

❌ Tech Knowledge

❌ College Degree

Does this sound too good to be true?

You’d be a fool to think it doesn’t.

The truth?

The secrets of breaking into SaaS sales have been kept from the public by guys raking in 5 and even 6 figure monthly commission checks

Until now.

For the first time ever, the best-kept industry secrets are being leaked to the first 25 individuals lucky enough to see this first

In the next 2 minutes, I’m going to reveal the exact hacks that took me from broke and unemployed to a top earner at a Fortune 500 Tech Company

Find out How To Hack the System👇

Hey guys - Capo here

Many of you reading this know me as someone who’s done quite well for himself in Enterprise SaaS

But at one time in the not-so-distant past, I was just a broke kid sleeping on an air mattress with no idea how to turn my life around.

I had no idea what “SaaS” was

I thought six-figure incomes were for doctors, lawyers, bankers, and the “lucky” guys with rich dads & family connections

Little did I know, I was months away from making over $120k at one of the largest tech companies in the world

As a longtime reader of @bowtiedbull, I had dabbled in many side hustles

But with the high cost of rent & bills, they just weren’t enough to get me where I wanted to be

One day Bull posted an article mentioning tech sales as a career that can be as lucrative as Wall Street

I was in complete disbelief, but I wanted it to be true, so I fired up Google and plunged down the rabbit hole

That’s when I discovered the hidden gem of SaaS Sales

Turns out average entry-level sales reps are making 65 to 85k their first year and the top performers?

Clearing over 100k.

Beyond the entry roles?

Enterprise Account Executives clearing $250, $350, and even $400k+

I was determined to break into SaaS or die trying.

I spent the next few months reading every sales book, watching every YouTube video and applying for every role I could find online.

Then, something clicked.

I started getting calls back. I couldn’t believe it.

I had a calendar virtually overflowing with interviews for SDR and AE roles.

I bomb many interviews, but some go seemingly well.

Yet they always ended up in the same “thanks, but no thanks.” Rejection was a part of daily life.

But one interview stood out. It went so well I was certain I’d have an offer.

The phone rang. It was my dream company.

Could this be it? “Am I GMI?”, I asked myself.

I pick up.

“We’re sorry Capo, but we’ve decided to move forward with other candidates at this time. We’ll keep your resume on hand in case anything changes”

Shit. “It’s over”, I thought.

I was just about ready to give up when a recruiter that had been ghosting me for weeks called me.

”Hi Capo. We would like you to come to our office in the big city for a final round interview”

This was it. I was down to my last $50 in my checking account and near maxed on my credit cards.

I spent the remainder of what I had on an Amtrak ticket to get to this interview.

As I walk down the streets of the big city, in my suit that was a few sizes too big, I’m stopped by a homeless man asking for change.

I look into the cup and see around $7.

“Shit”, I thought, “Even this bum is richer than me.”

Savage salesman mode officially activated.

I was determined to secure this role at any cost.

Long story short, I crushed it and accepted the offer two days later.

Then it hit me.

SaaS Sales is a video game.

Anyone can play. But to win?

You need to exploit the game with the hidden cheat codes.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is.

As long as you know how to (legally) game the system to get ahead.

It finally made sense why none of these hacks could be found on Google

The high earners who cracked the code don’t want you breaking in and taking a slice of the pie.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it turned out the mainstream advice on breaking into SaaS was purposely designed to steer you in the wrong direction.

Even though I was up against guys who had years of experience on me, I was the one who landed the job.

From that day on, I decided to ignore the advice from mainstream sources and even my sales managers.

I would trust my instincts instead.

I went on to close over 2.7m in sales and cleared 120k my first year.

As the years went by, I moved to smaller companies and closed larger deals.

This went on as I juggled side hustles, until one day a SaaS I created took off and I could no longer justify working for anyone but myself.

I started posting on twitter in 2020 to share my insights, experience, and help pave the way for the younger generation

In 2021, I posted a viral thread on how to break into SaaS sales and what happened next blew me away:

I started getting DMs like this regularly and that’s when I realized I was on to something.

So I decided to game the system on a mass scale.

I started personally working with the most promising young hustlers that had the audacity to inbox me for help

But this time, we took a more scientific approach

Over the last 9 months we refined, optimized, A/B tested, and perfected the strategy until we had something:

✅ Simple

✅ Effective

✅ Repeatable

✅ Plug and Play

✅ Idiot-Proof

And after close to a decade of trial and error and 9 months of hyperfocused savagery

The Break Into SaaS system was born

And the results?

Well let’s just say they speak for themselves:

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll get inside of the Break Into SaaS Program

✅ A-Z Breakdown of the SaaS Industry

✅ Optimizing Your Career Path

✅ Choosing Your Niche

✅ The SaaS Encyclopedia

✅ Building Foundational Sales Skills

✅ How to Crush The Sales Game

✅ Finding the Highest Paying Jobs

✅ Building a Resume They Can’t Ignore

✅ Conquering LinkedIn

✅ How to Cut In Front of 1000s of Applicants

✅ Proven Outreach Scripts (90%+ Reply Rate)

✅ Elite Cold Email Systems

✅ Elite Prospecting Systems

✅ Crushing the Interview

✅ Frame Control Guide

✅ How to Make It Impossible for Them to Say No

✅ How to Get Hired on the Spot



FREE Lifetime Mastermind Membership ($995/year subscription)

Join the SaaS industry's "Top 1%" inside the 'SaaS Savages Mastermind', where the path to 6 figure WiFI checks is laid out for you, step by step!

Inside the "SaaS Savages Mastermind" you’ll have access to:

✅ Weekly Q&A sessions

✅ Support from Capo, top performers, and industry veterans

✅ Job opportunities

✅ Accountability

✅ Community of likeminded students

✅ Exclusive resources

✅ Exclusive private coaching offers

✅ Career support and sales advice after landing your dream job

✅ All future course content & updates

When you follow the Break Into SaaS blueprint & leverage the community, success is nothing but guaranteed!

And speaking of guarantees,

If you don’t secure an offer in 6 months, I will personally refund your money

I know, I know, that sounds like a terrible deal for me

But it’s actually not because...

Our success rate is 100%

In the past year and a half of working with test subjects,

There hasn’t been a single case of someone implementing the steps and not landing a great remote SaaS sales offer

If you document your journey and show that you genuinely acted on each step and didn’t receive a single offer in 6 months, we will happily refund you.


The current price is $699 for the next few lucky enough to land on this page first and take the life-changing step into the world’s most lucrative industry




We keep our secret methods in a tight circle so we retain an unfair advantage

The mastermind circle stays small so everyone gets the most out of it

During this time we will be adding new video content, new methods, live Q&As, interview recordings, and everything you could possibly need to crush in your dream career

Every update is free and helps you land better offers and close more deals

When we do reopen:

-Price will continue to increase

-The mastermind membership will no longer be free

-It will still be worth every penny.

So whether you get lifetime access now or pay 5x more later is completely up to you!

Just remember:

You’re two clicks away from changing the entire trajectory of your life and joining the 6 Figure SaaS Sales club

Looking forward to seeing you in there!



Are the hacks & cheat codes for getting interviews and offers legal?

Yes, everything is 100% legal.

You don’t need to break the law to game the system and have an unfair advantage

What if I have no sales experience?

You will get the sales experience you need during this course.

All you need to bring is a good work ethic and a willingness to get out of your comfort zone

How do I cut in front of the 1000s of other people applying for the same jobs?

Simply by gaming the system and implementing the tactics in the course and Mastermind group

How long will it take to get my offer?

Depends on many factors, including how much time you dedicate.

Typically, 2-3 months

Who is this for?

Anyone over 22 years old with 2+ yrs of any type of work experience

Who is this not for?

Anyone who doesn’t fit the previous profiles

Anyone that’s not comfortable with rejection

Anyone not willing to grind hard and follow instructions

Anyone who doesn’t want to make 6 figures working 20-40 hours a week from home

How much can I expect to make my first year?

If you’re starting with zero experience:

Top performers that implement all the strategies & crush quota can expect 95 to 115k their first year

Mediocre performers can still expect 65k to 85k their first year and 100k+ their second year

Why SaaS sales and not other types of sales?

Stuff like medical tech, pharmaceuticals, and even IT hardware has been around forever

SaaS is largely untapped for now.

Anyone who gets in now can take advantage of the fact that SaaS sales reps are getting paid more than everyone else

What if it doesn’t work for me?

We got you covered. See the Money Back Guarantee.

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Break Into SaaS: How to Make 6 Figures Selling SaaS at Home

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